Midwifery Advice Training Education Specialists- international

In these unprecedented times, we wish all caregivers, their beloved ones, and their clients all health and resilience they need to overcome this corona crisis. In these special circumstances, online education or advice may be a solution for your organization. Please, feel free to contact us by email. Together we can explore your needs and wishes and discuss how MATES-iN can support you.

About us

MATES-iN is a collaboration of Dutch midwives and midwifery-educational specialists with national and international expertise in maternity care, midwifery education, curriculum development and train the trainer courses. Based on the most up to date midwifery leadership, competencies and evidence based midwifery.

Founded on long time experience we aim to support our clients from conceptual level up to practical implementation regarding:

  • Development, implementation and evaluation of women health care education programmes and courses according to standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM).
  • Training of maternity care educators and care providers, in particular midwives.
  • Projects to strengthen midwifery services.


We endorse the WHO statements:

  • All women and newborns have a right to a quality of care that enables a positive childbirth experience that includes respect and dignity’.
  • A healthy mother is the base of a healthy family system and an indicator of a healthy maternity care system.

We consider pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period as normal events in the life of a healthy woman. Midwifery care can prevent unnecessary medical interventions. In collaboration with local counterparts we focus on a sustainable maternity care system and mutual empowerment.